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A melodical pianotrack for the Christmas Eve. I’ll say it - I love this piece.

This track was a gift for my mother.
Some of these melodies have been lingering around my head for months, surprisingly I was able to merge them all together into a one song that I feel is complete. I feel brilliant, this is my most challenging track to date, both playing and recording-wise.

This really is something I am proud of. Currently this is the highest level I can reach with my skills with solo piano.

Being finally able to play what I want and actually to record it as a whole - I ventured forward, back to big compositions.

Last Christmas, I was sitting in my room, playing the piano for days, which led to the track “Viisi minuuttia ennen turmaa”. The track is a solo piano track in D-major.
How’s that related to this piece then? This track was also made in late December, and it is in D-major. There is something very wintery in the tones of D-major scale.

I wanted this track to become large and atleast 5 minutes in length, which I did achieve. Speaking of musical influences, you could atleast name Ludovico Einaudi - he has a sound that I wish to achieve in my late 60s aswell. It’s a dream.

At 7:00AM the track was complete, I had been recording it for 12 hours straight. It still had no name. It didn’t take long, as when I read my diary/sketchbook it just came to me that this track must be about distances, worry, letters, owls and messenger birds. Hence the typewriter samples. The composition is very naively melodical but the name implies it has another meaning beneath the joyful notes.

I wanted to cheer up the worrying.

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I’ll upload triplets - I’ve been absentminded with the sharing to tumblr.

First track of December. Something for the sick and the ill.
Society is strange - someone gets his big living from your diagnosis.

When the icy winds and frosty nights come, we tend to get sick in tens of ways. I have been thinking, when we are seriously ill, we are offered cures and witchcraft for our conditions - all of these operations bring stacks of cash to the people doing (selling) them, helped the procedure or not.

You could say that someone other out there really wishes for your illness and horrible health, and that person is not even your worst enemy. What a system.

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I haven’t been updating in ages.

The first on November. Something warm for the weather, something warm for the passed. The first track for a long time, time to start over again with playing. When I had finished the track “Mieli…” my creative part of the brain went dead for a very long time. Often I sat in front of my piano to play, but rarely I was able to create something that sounded even slightly like a complete track. During those days of total inability to compose, I started to draw and learned thing or two with the guitar. I kept practising playing even when I knew I couldn’t make music at the time without getting frustrated and starting over again.

After a conversation with a friend, I thought - why cannot I publish something small, something unfinished or something complete but with lots of errors. There. A week later I started to play, only in order to create something small and simple enough to sound good to me but at the same time to sound like a whole new song that has a start, middle and an end.

This is the result. And boy I was relieved to finally to be able to put out something in a long while - all that doubt of lost ability to play was gone.

This is a short story of someone’s frail heart filled with kindness.

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The first of July.

You cannot conceal how you feel from everyone.
I got tons of inspiration to make new music after staying in Lapland for the midsummer week.
This is a theme I’ve been working on since early May, but I couldn’t find the time and place to tie the pieces together until now.

The story behind this track originates from a rainy afternoon in Jurva, the town where I lived in for a year. The track is called in english ‘Mind down in the ground, eyes up in the sky. Mind up in the sky, eyes down on the ground.’ , which is a phrase that I came up with after being told that I looked sad and absentminded by my girlfriend - while I was, infact, happier than usually.

Body language and gestures really show people what you might feel like, but do they match with what you feel yourself in the inside? Can one accidentally fool others to make them worry when there is really no need to? We really have a lot of faces that we don’t see ourselves.

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About a place of perfect tranquility.
This track began to form in my mind on a sunny March morning while I was lying half-awake next to my sleeping girlfriend.

She was holding my hand because she was having a thrilling dream of some sort, I assume. When I touched her shoulder, she tightened her grip of my hand, as if someone creepy had grabbed her shoulder in her dream.
I think that was incredibly cute.

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